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I am a retired police detective and former member of the US Intelligence community.  Thus, I have a unique understanding of the ways in which our government operates.  I am also a historian of the Latino hertiage in Texas and have contributed to projects to demonstrate that. 

For the past few years there has been a direct effort to diminish the population, rights and freedoms of Latinos in Texas and America by an obscure but large and powerful organization called the Tanton Network.  In my essays and talk shows you will learn much more about that subject and many othes related to the culture, history, importance and contributions of Latinos in Texas and America. 

I'm am also an independent political analyst and provide a skeptical approach to all politics, political news and politicians.  You may find it interesting. 

I also talk about religion, history, science, space exploration and since I am an outdoorsman, I also speak about hunting and trailriding. 
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